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Sea Vision 2100 Mask with Color Correcting Filter Lenses

Sea Vision is a company that is renowned for its custom ground prescription lenses that allow scuba divers to experience the same vision underwater as on land. SeaVision offers a wide range of premium scuba diving and snorkel masks, with patented color and vision corrective lenses, made from the highest quality materials that are stronger, and more efficient than glass. The Sea Vision Color Correcting filtered lenses allow divers to maximize their underwater experience whether it’s in the rich vibrant waters of the ocean or lower light situations such as lakes, rivers, or night diving.

One of the most important thing for recreational scuba diving is visibility. Being able to witness marine-life and coral in its true colors is of the highest importance, which is why color corrected scuba masks are probably one of the greatest developments in scuba equipment in a long time.

The effect of water on light is the same as a giant red filter that absorbs red light the deeper you go, leaving only blues and greens of the spectrum visible. By 3m/10′ in depth there is no red light left from the sun light underwater, and at 25m/80’ there is only the blue part of the spectrum visible.

One of the methods that can be used to overcome this color loss underwater is by using a color-correcting filter. UW filters available for cameras with different red gradients help restore the red spectrum to photographs at different depths to enhance light that is already available. In the same manner color corrected masks such as the Sea Vision 2100 uses the same filter in the lens of the mask to give the diver a better rendition of color underwater.

SeaVision is probably the most renowned manufacturer of color corrected scuba masks with patented color and vision lenses that are offered in two kinds to suit different conditions: Magenta and Yellow.

The magenta lens for use in warmer waters where colors are more rich and vibrant, designed to filter out the blue spectrum in the water, allowing your eyes to see the brilliant reds, oranges, yellows and green colors that are lost as a diver descends. The SeaVision technology adjusts the color to allow users to actually see and enjoy the colors there in front of them.

The yellow color corrective lens is for use in low light situations such as lakes, quarries, caves, rivers, and night dives. It helps to optimize available light and help improve visibility at the same time.

Seavision’s 2100 Series mask is a comfortable fitting low volume two window mask with enhanced down and side vision in a streamlined frame. The mask is equipped with swivel buckles and its skirt is made from Crystal Silicone, the highest grade of silicone available.

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